Tuesday, 14 February 2017

What I'm Wearing: Wooden Spine

Hey, sport's fans. It's been a while since my last WIW post - 6 months to be exact - but the other day I was just slobbering around the house (my brand new house by the way) in jeans and jumper and just felt so un-me. So I had a quick rifle through my wardrobe and found this little black slip dress. At first, I dismissed it as a 'not for another few months' dress, you know, seeing as it's threatening snow on the South Coast every day... But then I remembered my mild obsession with ribbed turtle neck jumpers, so I thought... to layer or not to layer?

So I layered.


Black Slip Dress - Topshop (similar)
Grey Ribbed Turtle Neck - Topshop (similar)
Agate Slice Necklace -  Crystal Cactus
Celtic Knot Necklace - Gift
Aztec Style Oversized Earrings - Not The Same But Super Cool
Cat Tapestry Lita Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
Velvetines Lipstick in 'Squash' - Lime Crime
Venus Palette II Eyeshadow in 'Filter' - Lime Crime

I felt much cuter this day than I would have done had I stayed in my thick cosy jumper and super relaxed jeans. Don't get me wrong - I love my jumper and jean combos, but I am loathed to spend so much money on summer dresses every year, for them then to spend nine months in the 'seasonal' part of my wardrobe. Grab a turtleneck, a pair of tights and layer your way through the SAD months, and keep looking East for the day the sun shines bright and hot again!


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