Friday, 15 July 2016

What I'm Wearing: Jac Vanek

So a few weeks ago one of my all time favourite people had a flash sale on her clothing website. I say favourite person here rather than a designer or anything like that because she's been a role model of mine for quite a while. By quite a while I mean when I was in school there were two really amazing women who I was constantly inspired by. As the years have gone on and they've grown from being Scene Queens modeling for Trash Mag into really incredible women with a real care and passion for the earth, the people in it and with a really positive message to give out. These two women are called Audrey Kitching and Jac Vanek. Now I have already own tons of things by AK, mainly because it's always been a little bit cheaper, and considering you have to get it all shipped from the US, the cheaper the better really.

But as I was saying, Jac Vanek had a flash sale over pay day weekend, so, of course, I just couldn't help myself. I ordered the mantra military jacket which I don't think I have taken off for more than a few minutes since it arrived. The other thing i ordered was on her her vintage flannels. All of her flannels have things written on the back of them for the sassy bitch in all of us. The one I bought has the words 'Please do not talk to me. I am only here for the food' printed in large letters across the back.

Take a look at how I styled this truth-speaking shirt below. I went for quite a grungey outfit, teaming it up with black skinny jeans, my classic 1460 Doc's, and a slick of muted purple matte lipstick.

Please Do Not Talk To Me Flannel - Jac Vanek
Joni High Waisted Skinny Jeans - Topshop
Triple Layer Necklace - Topshop (similar here)
Large Blue Earrings - Found
1460 Doc's - Dr Martens 
Velvetines Matte Liquid Lipstick in Teddy Bear - Lime Crime
Blue Eyeshadow in Filter - Lime Crime

The flannel I got from JV is really super soft and a very high-quality fabric and the military jacket is made with a proper sturdy fabric, so although they're expensive they are very worth it. One thing i will say though about the shipping process to the UK is that it does take a while. It took two weeks for these goodys to come, and then I had to pay duty on them when they arrived. So just be warned on that front if you do order from here that once it gets to your local post office, you'll have to pop in and pay the duty before you can collect.

I really honestly love my jackets and shirt though so will 100% be ordering again even if it takes a while to come and there's a bill to pay at the end.


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