Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Lime Crime Venus Palette II

Hello all! It's been a little while since I did a make up review but here we are with this fabulously bright palette from Lime Crime. Lime Crime are one of my all time favourite make up brands, they are a vegan company, and provide a vibrant and diverse collection for every unicorn. I have had a few of their unicorn lipsticks in the past (which are being discontinued now - sigh) but when I saw this beautiful eyeshadow set I knew I had to have it.

The colours of this palette are what attracted me to it. I have always wanted to wear really brightly coloured eyeshadows, I'm such a goth in everything else I do, so I've fancied that pop of colour on my eyes for as long as I've been a make up addict. But for some reason I've always struggled to do that, I have a pigment or a colouration in my skin which tends to make a lot of the eyeshadows I've tried in the past look a bit grey and washed out. This set though is completely different!

Lime Crime's Venus II palette consists of eight vastly different colours. This is what made me want this set over the first Venus palette which was mainly full of nudes and reds. Venus II is the exact opposite, not one of these shades could be classed as nude.

We start at the top right with Pigeon, an iridescent greeny-purpley shimmer, it is identical to the band on a pigeons neck that changes colour in the sun. Colour number two is Filter, the perfect matte powder-blue you always wanted in the early noughties at school. Mash is a slightly metallic soft green. Mustard is my fave colour, when I saw this shade in the pre-launch reveal on Lime Crime's instagram I knew I had to have it, it is a matte french mustard. The first shade on the bottom is Fly, a soft delicate gold. Shade #6 is called Jam, it's a vibrant matte orange colour. Mud follows in a muted brick red. The final shade of this incredible palette is Boot, an absolute black packed with tiny green and purple glitter pigments that catch the light beautifully.

I swatched all the colours above here, and you can see how vibrant and highly pigmented they are, and how completely non-grey they are! Now there are loads of different looks you can create with this palette, for my work Christmas Party I combined Marsh, Pigeon and Boot for an ultimate green smokey eye. The green colours work really well on me as well, I have brown eyes with a green rim around the iris so green colours really make them pop.

My two favourite looks at the minuet are more full of colour than I usually sport. My everyday go-to shades tend to be nudes, browns and golds. So these shades are so out there from my norm - and I love them. Below I created these two looks, the first using Filter and Marsh. This is a soft light mermaid style eye, with lots of mascara to further hint at that early 2000's look. I simply covered my whole lid in Filter and then blended it into the corner with Marsh for a soft smudged out look. You can see again just who strong the pigment in this set it in this image. You can clearly see the blue-to-green blend, and how much it pops compared to the normal nudes and smokey colours you usually see in day to day life.

This second look was created using Mustard and Jam, and it is a true cat eye. It's for the days when you want to go full Lion of Lannister. I dusted Mustard all over my lid and used Jam in the crease and blended it up and outwards in the outer corner of my eye. I teamed this sleek look with a slick of matte black liquid eyeliner just to finish the cat eye effect and bring the whole look together. This is currently my favourite look.

I wore both of these looks with the liquid to matte Velvetines lipstick by Lime Crime, I'm wearing he shade Wicked which is a deep red. I love these lipsticks as well because they are soft, nourishing and moisturising but also bullet proof! 

What do you think of this palette? Would you rock these colours?

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