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Lime Crime Lipsticks

What's up Sports Fans? Now I know what you're thinking 'your last post was Lime Crime too - what is this?' But my last post was one I had been meaning to write up for months, + I'm sorry to say this is where you're going to get my excuses. For one, I'm convinced Christmas was last week, and yet here we are hurtling towards the end of March at lightspeed. Secondly, on January 1st, I was promoted at work, and that has meant extra hours at the shop, traveling for training, and even traveling to cover shifts in other stores. I was in Somerset just last week! All of this has meant that my posts have been few and far between for 2016 so far I'm afraid. So it's just a coincidence that two Lime Crime posts are next to each other - I'm very sorry.

This is a very special post though because it also has my first Vlog! This is a huge leap for me, I've never made a video like this before, so this is my first attempt and I clearly have loads to learn, but I'm very excited to be expanding my blog in this way.

So what am I reviewing? Today it's a selection of four really exciting, vibrant shades from Lime Crime Make Up. I have selected two of their signature liquid-to-matte Velvetines, and two of their all new metallic matte Perlees. The shades I've selected tell the story of my life, I chose one of each that was in my usual red to purple range, and one of each that was completely different from anything I've ever worn before.

The first pair that I try in this video are the Perlees, my reason for that is because whenever I've worn Velvetines before, they will not budge for love or money or even make up wipes. It's why they're so good, but give me a second and I'll get onto that.

The Perlees shades I purchased were two really retro inspired colours. The first is a 'mulberry red' called Third Eye. It's really deep, multi-faceted pinky-purple mauve. It goes on really smoothly, and really easily, literally gliding on and really defining your pout. It's a few shades off a red wine lip, the shimmer and glitter in it though are just to die for. So beautiful, so vibrant, and such a stunning colour. It sounds like I'm overselling how lush this colour is - but I'm really not. I love this, it feels very retro, very throwback-esque, and I can just picture it being applied by Rebecca in Cheers bar, batting her eyelids at Sam, or even by Rachel Green before her first day at Bloomies. It's reminiscent to me of that early 90's, late 80's glamour that was so prevalent in fashion at the time.

The next shade I took for a test drive was Penny. Let me tell you a little something about Penny: Once upon a time Lime Crime announced they would be bringing out a new collection of lipsticks. The fifth shade reveal on Lime Crime's Instagram was Penny. Meanwhile, in a far away land a girl was scrolling through her feed when this delightful bronze colour appeared as if by magic. The girl knew she had to have it, and so from then on she came to own the Perlees named Penny. 

This truly is an incredible colour, just as dimensional as Third Eye but in a rich copper instead. I love orange, and I love shiny things, so give me a lipstick that meets both criteria and I am going to be on cloud 9, 10 and 11. It's subtle enough still for every day which I think came sometimes be the issue with these out-there colours. Although Lime Crime create make up for every Unicorn, not every Unicorn feels like they have the confidence to walk down their peninsula-living high street in pastel blue lipstick - sometimes they feel more like a donkey with an ice cream cone on their foreheads. This is a unique enough colour to feel experimental and edgy, but not so far as to feel exposed. Though come on girl, you're fab any which way - who are you kidding?

I followed the Perlees with Velvetines, I bought myself two very different shades. The first I trialed is Shroom, which is sort of a nude, 90's, brown shade. The first thing I thought when I tried this one on is how in it is right now. It seems the fashion world can't quite decide if we're flashing back to the 70's, or throwing back to the 90's. But for the days you're choosing tattoo chokers over flares this is the lipstick you want with you. It's a really smooth, blemish free nude. It's a few shades darker than my skin tone and underlaid with almost a caramel brown. It complemented my tones brilliantly, a result I wasn't really expecting because I've never worn nudes or brown lip shades before. So for a home run on my first foray into this new phenomenon is pretty incredible.

The final shade I took for a spin was Pumpkin. I've owned pumpkin previously but somewhere down the line, it got lost. It's a beautiful orange-y, brick red, clay-y colour. Very vibrant, and really harks back to those to-die-for pouts of 1940's pin up girls, which I took as my inspiration when I got dressed + ready that morning. This is another shade that I can dress up or down, and one that can take me through my darkest goth days, and through my ultra fluffy girly days. I love things that are versatile, I am more than a one-look chick, and I expect my lipsticks to be able to carry me through every situation as well.

I hope you like my first ever Vlog! If you do be sure to let me know so I can create more in future! Have a fab day my Unicorns!

You can buy all these lipsticks from Lime Crime:
Velvetines - In shades 'Shroom' and 'Pumpkin'
Prelees - In shades 'Third Eye' and 'Penny'

On my eyes I'm wearing Mustard from the Venus II Palette you can buy here



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