Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Charlotte Tilbury II

  Some of you maybe aware of my love for luxurious, extravagant make up, such as Chanel, Tarte and of course Charlotte Tilbury. But unfortunately I am not able to afford a full face of these incredible products - well I could - but pizza. So instead I go for a few key pieces that I refer to as 'Forever Extras' 

By that I mean buying a few key pieces that you won't power through in a few months. For example I use Clinique make up everyday, and I have to replace my eyeliner and foundation every three months, my blusher every six. If I was spending luxury prices every time I'd have nothing left! So instead I see these pieces as an investment. A lipstick that I'll wear a few times a month, or a contour kit that I'll use for nights out. These are 'Forever Extras' the forever is obviously an exaggeration but what I mean by this is I can buy a lipstick and know it's not going to dwindle down really quickly. It will last and so is worth spending that little bit extra on.

Charlotte Tilbury's products are 100% worth it too! They all feel super silky on the skin and are full of nourishment to keep you feeling fantastic all day. Plus the rosey-gold packaging looks super sophisticated when you take it out your handbag in the bathroom of a restaurant. What I love most is they all evoke an image of the woman of yesteryear. Think Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe,  Jerry Hall, and just about every iconic woman of the last century. 

She has just released a new range alongside Norman Parkinson, the iconic fashion photographer. Using his photos of previous vogue shoots as inspiration. This is an era that I am a huge fan of. I have an epic love of all things vintage so to find a modern make up, drawing as much inspiration from the past as I do is fantastic.

This time when I went to the Charlotte Tilbury concession at  Selfridges I purchased two items. The Filmstar Bronze and Glow conturing set in Sun Tan + Sun Light. This comes in a beautiful little compact with the Jerry Hall Vogue cover for May 1975 on the top. The two colours and stunning as well and blend so easily. The Sun Tan is a lightweight silky smooth, mediterranean sand colour. You simply paint this on around temples, nose, hollows of your cheeks, basically anywhere the sun would naturally hit. The Sun Light creme is a shimmery gold with ground peal to instantly give your skin a summer glow. 

I also purchased a new Matte Revolution lipstick to wear with this look. The colour I bought however was not the Norman Parkinson collaborated Miss 1975, or the Miss Kensington. The colour I  bought is called Sexy Sienna. I would probably describe it best as a peachy, just off nude colour. Now don;t be put off by the fact it's Matte! It is the opposite of drying, your lips feel super nourished and full of moisture, and they don't look dull either. This collection of lipsticks reflect light brilliantly and give you a sumptuous, sexy pout.

I teamed this conturing holiday skin with a Matte Revolution lipstick I had bought previously. This one is called Bond Girl - sticking to that vintage image you see - and this is a dark yet muted, red wine stain colour. It's sexy and bold, and a perfect red lip if you can't get away with the glossy orange-red that Taylor Swift sports so often.  This is probably my favourite lip colour of all time. It's a subtle red, oozing sophistication and works perfectly with the majority of my outfits - especially if I'm having a goth day!

If you are unsure on all these luxury products but like me want a few key pieces I would have to direct you to Charlotte Tilbury.  I truly believe you get what you pay for and for these fantastic products the slightly steeper price is completely justified! + if you're a sucker for cute packaging like me, you won't be disappointed either!

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