Thursday, 18 June 2015

Holly Hill

A few days ago I rediscovered a fantastic photographer who inspired me the whole way through college. His name is Julian Bialowas and he takes some of the most breathtaking landscape and life photography that I have ever seen. I used to take my camera absolutely everywhere with me so on my day off I found this beautiful pixie paradise and explored. 

I love these earthy tones and how green and fresh they look. I process all my images through photoshop and add ons to get a cross processed film look. I believe it makes the colours seem more vivid and also more dream like and memorable. Another thing I've had a bit of an obsession with since college is overlaying text and quotes on top of images. They usually come from songs or things I've overheard in conversation rather than the well known inspirational quotes. 

It gives me a chance to experiment with typography and making my photos a bit more graphic and interesting. This is something I am really looking at getting back into so tell me what you think of these, and watch this space!!


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