Thursday, 14 May 2015

Detox Waters

If you are a member of the internet - which if you're reading this you probably are - you'll of seen tons of cute hipster girls in ripped denim drinking from mason jars with fresh fruit chopped up in it. These are detox waters, and they're super lush. You don't get the calories as you would from juice and fizzy drinks, plus you drink more because it's better tasting water. + by detoxing your body you'll lose any bloating, maybe even shed weight, you'll have more energy and a stronger immune system.

These are my three favourite detox waters, in colour co-ordinated lidded jars - obviously.

Powerful Pink

This Wednesday worthy water consists of grapefruit, raspberries and blueberries. It's the sweetest of all the detox waters I've tried, but balanced perfectly by the mildly zesty grapefruit. It's not over powering in taste and I could happily sip on this all day without ever wanting a change. Grapefruit is a great fruit to have like this as well seeing as it's 91% water anyway, the majority of the vitamins are released in the water, making it fantastic for your skin and complexion, this is down tho it's abundance in Vitamin C, which can help build collagen, and fight skin damage caused by sun and pollution. Blueberries and raspberries make this water a super star among drinks. Between them they add a mighty punch of vitamins C, B6, E, K and A as well as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc. They're both packed with antioxidants with posh fancy names that I'm not even going to start getting involved in - but they're there!

Sunshine Yellow

This summery drink contains just the two fruit, pineapple and lemon. Let's start with the pineapple, did you know it's the only known source of and enzyme bromelain? Which studies say is effective in relieving joint pain, arthritis and reducing inflammation. Pineapple also prevents free radical damage to cells in the body it's also great for battling acne and keeps your skin looking younger. Lemon water has been a thing for years anyway, it flushes out toxins, balances pH levels in the body, aids in digestion and replenishes vital salts in the body - especially after a work out. This is summer in a glass basically, it's super refreshing, and if you want to mix it up a bit, opt of coconut water instead of tap, and you'll have a healthy piña colada! You know, if you like piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain... 

Super Green

This fantastic little beauty is my personal favourite and I just cannot stop drinking it! I have it every day at work, in fact I'm sipping one right now as a I type this (cue first sip since I actually started writing!) The zesty, citrusy lime is a fantastic wake up call in this one, if you make it at night and leave it in the fridge, a quick sip of this in the morning will set your brain fizzing waking you up quicker than any coffee - I promise you. It also aids weight loss, and will rejuvenate skin, and reduce body oder and dandruff. Along side lime I pack mint, cucumber and kiwi into this little glass. Mint is great for headaches and nausea, it also inhibits the release of histamines that cause hay fever, it can also clear up congestion in the throat, nose, and lungs. Cucumbers are great for your brain and your heart this is due to the potassium in it. Cucumbers are also packed with multiple B vitamins which are known to ease feelings of stress and anxiety. Kiwi is another fruit that's great for your skin - shock - but this one also aids in a better quality and duration of sleep. Plus it can help lower blood pressure. 

So these are my top recommendations of detox waters for you to try yourselves! I'd love to know what you make of these drinks, as well as any recipes you dream up! I cannot get enough of these, and I'm ranting and raving about them left right and centre, everyone at work drinks them now - theres even talk of them being a drink in the store for next summer (???) so start drinking these asap - you'll feel so much better for it. They relive so much bloating too, you will have a flatter stomach in one week just because of the bloat this helps you lose.


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