Monday, 2 March 2015

London Fashion Weekend

This Sunday I was lucky enough to attend London Fashion Weekend at Somerset House with my best friend. Fashion Weekend is basically a huge pop up shop. You get to see all the new designs and current trends at a discounted price. I'm serious about the discounts there was a stunning teal green bag down from £380 to less than £100! 

It's a super affordable way for all you fashionistas to get your fashion week fix. Tickets start at just £20 and depending on how much you pay determines what you get. We had a Silver level ticket which gets you in, a free goody tote bag, and into a fashion show. If you love fashion, shopping or just fancy a great day out it's so worth it.

The fashion show we saw was Sibling of London. Sibling was launched in 2008 as a collaboration between three different designers. They stand for impact and power. As the lovely lady who introduced it said; 'the sibling girl is pretty, but she's also a bit of a tomboy'. This being my persona I connected straight away. It's bright and bold but with full monochromatic looks in every shade of blue, white, orange and black. There was lots of glitter, out-there prints, oodles of raffia and hand crocheted dresses. Not to mention the gigantic bows each model wore on her head - an accessory I'm definitely after this Spring/Summer! 

I love how free and preppy all of these looks are. As the first t-shirt clad model hit the stage I was instantly transported to a Summer BBQ on sandy shores, and as the show went on I saw more and more outfits that were so perfect! Everything from crisp white playsuits, body flattering midi dresses, to little bra lets with hip-skimming skirts - even a 'monster jumper'.

The pop up shop spread across two main floors of Somerset house as well as filling each wing. Upstairs there was lots of jewellery and accessories, one of the most incredible jewellery designers I saw there was Tessa Metcalfe, who's entire collection of is cast from pigeons feet, but don't worry that there aren't any pictures - there is a whole post on this coming up later this week! 

Each room or wing had something different, there was a room for blue hues, sunny yellows, high end there was even an entire room of fur! It was quite a spectacle to behold. The whole event was just stunning, if a bit crowded. Imagine TKmaxx crossed with Disneyland. 

In fact that's what it should be called: Not London Fashion Weekend, but instead Fashion Disneyland. 

I have also created a little 'What's In My Bag' for the event. The black lace top and small paper bag were part of what I bought while shopping all these exclusive designs. I have also shown the tote bag they were giving away as part of your free gift, and most of the rest of it came in that bag. So I got a new masscara, some blow out spray, a bag of urban fruit, make up wipes, and, a mini Lavazza coffee bag - which I adore being a coffee girl myself! We also got some magazines in the bag which made the two hour train ride home a bit easier. The little cards are just business cards and postcards for some of the brands I loved as I walked round.

I hope this post gives you just a glimmer at how amazing it was. I hope you all go next time, even if just for the excitement before that got me through a very busy Saturday at work. It's a truly incredible event, and one that is very well organised with completely lovely door staff and announcements to let you know what's going on where.

I hope to see you all there next time!


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