Friday, 20 March 2015

Bath Time with Lush and Roses

Baths are my all time favourite way to chill out by myself. I get toe scape from all things in the world for an hour a week, I play some uplifting and melodic music and I am gone from the world for a while. So when I finished work today I thought I'd have some quality 'me' time with some of the Lush stuff I've accumulated. 

I opted for the Tisty Tosty bath bomb from Lush this time. It's embedded with seven real roses, rose oil, lemon and jasmine, and is based on a real medieval love potion - perfect if you spend all your free time absorbed in Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings!

One of the things I love about this bath bomb is that it doesn't dye the water, which means you don't finish your relaxing bath to the scrub out a bright purple colour from the bottom of your tub. The scent fills the room entirely and chills you out perfectly. I added extra rose petals and bud to my bath because it feels super luxurious and I can pretend I'm a Princess.

To compliment the scents of my bomb and to create more of an ambiance I lit some vanilla and jasmine scented candles, as well ad my Woodwick candle for a soothing, warming crackling sound. This was a nice touch and transported me a thousand miles away from my little south coast flat to somewhere more magical and infinitely more relaxing.

Bath times though are not just for lounging and day dreaming, they're also for getting clean, which means I get to use my all time favourite product Buffy! Packed with softly exfoliating ground almonds, calming lavender oil, uplifting lemon notes and softening cocoa butter, it's a one way ticket to the skin of your dreams. It banishes cellulite, eliminates dry skin, and leaves your body feeling fresh and glowing. You can see in the picture above the ground bits of almond, they're pretty substantial to really give your skin the love it so deserves.

The last product I used today was Ocean Salt. You can use it all over your body, but I use Buffy for that so I just used it on my face. It gets into every nook of your skin completely slaying black heads and skin imperfections. It's also fruity fresh because it's packed with grapefruit and lime juice infusions. Plus it's not even overly drying either because the sea salt is balanced by skin-softening mango butter, however I still recommend using your usual facial moisturiser afterwards. 

I also recommend taking your make up off throughly before as well, I was a little hasty with the make up wipes today, especially on my eyeliner! But I now feel super relaxed and all settled to chill out, and besides, after all Lush went through to make they're products calming it would be rude if I didn;t!


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