Thursday, 22 January 2015

Herbal Essences: The Hair Greats

For the past hundred years I've been hating my hair. It's thin, it breaks, it splits, it doesn't grow, I can;t do anything with it... and so on. I used to reminisce about the old days when my hair was healthy, I tried a thousand different shampoos and conditioners and treatments trying to find something to help. I tried everything, thickening, moisturising, coloured, damaged, anything! But none of it helped. It still broke, it was never shiny and I had just accepted that this is what my hair is now.

Until one day I walked down the hair aisle in Asda, and there it was! Herbal Essences Original Sensuously Smooth shampoo and conditioner with ginger, cinnamon and banana. I think my mum used to use this on me and my sister when we were very, very young, and I thought 'hey why not, I've tried everything else.' 

It was the best purchase I ever made! on top of smelling delicious for three days straight, my hair shines like the sun's glinting off it, it tumbles in beautiful soft, shimmery waves, it doesn't break when I tie it up. + the best bit? I don't find myself clutching handfuls of hair in the shower after washing it. It's been a life changer. 

I'm sure the reason for this incredible finish is the fact that it's 100% silicone free! It leave dry and damaged hair fully replenished the best condition you ever remember. After one wash I noticed an instant change and uplift in my hair. By the end of my first bottles I wouldn't even consider going to anything else. 

Thank you Herbal Essences, my hair once again is fabulous!

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