Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Top Products of 2014

Today is one year old (hooray!) and is tribute I am going to give my my favourite products for the new year, which was the first post I ever made as well. This year I have moved from the drug store products, to high end cosmetics, and danced with everything in between. So here I have the products that worked there way into my life this year.

The Retoucher by Charlotte Tilbury - This is a fantastic anti-reflective concealer. It's ideal if you like a soft, matte complexion and it's thick silky formula mean it hides blemishes and dark circles in seconds. Th fact it has a pen like shape with a brush nib means it's also really easy to contour, a dab on your chin, cupids bow, nose and each eye is all you need for a bone structure worthy of the red carpet.
Moisture Surge by Clinique - The super fast absorbing oil free compound in this little pink pot is every make up addicts dream. You all know you need to moisturise before you put on your make up, but many of you may struggle with the issues of peeling. Where the moisturiser and foundation combo makes for flaking and an uneven complexion. This however is lapped up by skin in moments, and the rest of your make up can go on without a glitch. 

Gimme Brow by Benefit - Now when it comes to the eyebrow trend of 2014, we all know bigger is better. Thanks to miss Cara Delevinge we can do away with the tweezers, however they still need to be groomed and even. These little miracle workers are like mini mascaras for your eyebrows. They fill out the more sparse bits, and set them beautifully solid.

All About Eyes Serum by Clinique - This is my most recent and most loved product of the year. It's cooling and quick absorbing serum means it's a twos second job to combat tired eyes and dark circles. However - better yet - it's the best headache reliever ever! Roll it around your temples, and the metal ball/cooling liquid combo is like heaven.

I hope you guys will try a few of these products in the new year because honestly - they have been life changing. I wish you all a fantastic New Year and I'll see you all again in 2015!


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