Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Ted Baker Christmas Make Up Boxes

I know my other half will flip when he sees the title of this because it's too early to even mention the C-word. But It's coming at you like a dark horse, we're just over a month away from Christmas and it makes sense to get a jump on gift shopping or you'll find yourself panicking the week before and you'll end up buying everyone a Terry's Chocolate Orange.

These are two lovely little Ted Baker sets from Boots, they're in the 3 for 2 gift offer which just means you get more for your money. These are an ideal gift if you have a make up addict friend or sister who just buys everything for themselves anyway. For example last year, three days before Christmas I ran out of my favourite concealer and posted it on Instagram, but I bought more later that day, not realising my dad had seen the post and bought me some more as a stocking filler! Make up addicts know what they need, and they know what they want, and they probably want quality. So it's hard to buy them something they wouldn't buy for themselves without spending a fortune. However these sets are perfect!

They're pretty reasonably priced at only £15 each, and you get a lot for that money. I think some people might be put off because it's 'branded' make up. By that I mean it's created by a company that don't really do make up for a one off occasion, so it might not be as good quality as dedicated make up brands. But this is where brand knowledge comes in. When a brand like Ted Baker are involved you have to think of what they stand for. Ted Baker make quality clothes, on trend and flattering. The same therefore must be said for anything they agree to put their name too. They wouldn't put their name to something they thought was rubbish.

So with that in mind I have to say they delivered! I bought the 'The Kiss Of Ted' lip box and 'Shades In Waiting' eye box. The lip box is fantastic. It comes with a cute compact mirror and a silky lip balm on one side. The other side has a deep wine red-purple chubby lip pencil, a velvety bright red lipstick and a matte red lip liner. The pigments in each of these is just amazing! They're super vibrant and true to the colours on the packaging. The lip pencil and lip stick compliment each other perfectly so you can get the perfectly defined pout, and what's even better is the chubby pencil is a to die for glossy texture, and a colour i had been coveting from Clinque for months, but I got it here as part of a set for the same price - if not less!

The eye box is incredibly well made too. It comes with an eyebrow pencil and tweezers so your face can be perfectly framed. It also comes with a felt tip liquid eyeliner pen in inky black, ideal for that perfect feline flick. The mascara that comes with this set I really didn't think much of, I thought the brush would be thin and bristly and the product itself would be clump inducing - it was anything but! The wand had separating rubber bristles and the product was smooth and jet black - it's the best mascara I've used in a long time to be honest with you!

The three eyeshadows in this pallet I was a bit wary of as well, I usually stick to either a flat neutral pallet on my eyes or go really super smokey, but always keeping a cat flick. So the champagne, olive green and pewter silver were new territory for me. They have a lovely metallic sheen to them and go on super smoothly, they have a slight liquid texture once on skin which made blending them really easy, and actually I think the olive green tone really compliments dark brown eyes like mine, it lifts them. So dark eyed beauties - take note!

To create the look above I put on my usual base and contouring and then carefully lined my lips with the red lip pencil. I filled them in with the chubby purple colour, after this I rolled my lips together to blend the red and purple seamlessly. One my eyes I coloured the centre of my eyelid with the olive colour and blended into the inner corner with the light champagne tone. On the very outer part of my lid I smudged some of the pewter eyeshadow to create a green toned smokey eye. I finished with a cat flick and lashings of mascara.  

I hope this in someway helps with your christmas shopping, or gives you a new pallet to crave if you're a make up obsessive like me. 


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