Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Lush Stuff

I have been an advocate for Lush products since I was about 14. My mum bought me and my sister a little variety box that had in a bath bomb, a sugar scrub, some moisturisers and that was it. No turning back. I've been hooked ever since. I love everything about Lush, I love the smell when you're walking down a street and coming up to a shop, I love the people who work there, all lovely and kind, I love what they stand for, I love that when you make a purchase you feel as though you've made a small difference in the world. 

They are always bringing out new products so if you're ever in there I'd try and get your hands on their free magazine, it's free and gives you a run down of their latest products and what product is best for specific issues, as well as interesting articles. However there are some things that I will just always buy in Lush. As in when one runs out, a new one comes home that same day. So much so that my roommate has had to accept that there is a 'Lush Shelf' in our bathroom.

This is a walk through of my fav Lush Stuff, and if you're unsure one what to get, give any one of these a go.

Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask - This face mask was recommended to me when I spoke to one of their helpful members of staff. Now I have pretty good skin, it's normal and doesn't get spotty too often, but when I do have breakouts they're huge. This one is a lovely gentle soothing face mask. It's packed with tea tree oil, which is antibacterial and smells fresh and clean. It has green grapes in too cool the skin after a long day. The garlic in the product is probably the best though, it cleans deep and works brilliantly with tea tree oil to cleanse skin better than ever before. Smooth over your faces once a week, and keep refrigerated. (but tell your Dad! Otherwise he might open it, think 'mm that smells quite good' and put it on toast - yes my Dad actually did this!)

Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb - This is the best thing ever! As it dissolves it changes colour like a Willy Wonka Ever Lasting Gobstopper, with lovely papery flakey scales swimming around you.  Once it's fully dissolved you feel like royalty sitting in a shimmery, glittery gold pool. It's reminiscent of that scene in Voyage of the Dawn Treader in Narnia where the sword is in the lake full of golden objects, and the water itself turns anything that touches it gold. It smells fresh and fruity with a citrus-y lemon-y scent.

Bohemian Soap - I don't think I've actually ever bought this one myself, but for every birthday/Christmas/event I tend to get at least one Lush box, and this is in almost every one of them. It's fantastic and is my go to soap. It smells amazing, clean and packed with lemon oil, rapeseed oil, and coconut oil. It's softening and smells as good as it looks, uplifting and energising.

A French Kiss Bubble Bar - This is the perfect way to send you off to sleep after a long day. Lavender aids in a restful sleep, as does being warm and cosy a good half hour before going to bed. It starts your brain unwinding and so you can drift off to sleep more easily. Break a bit off and crumble it under running water, before you know where you are, you'll have a tub full of bubbles and room full of calming scents. This bubble bar also contains coconut oil to moisturise skin in a non greasy way. Pure bliss.

Buffy Body Butter - I swear by this miracle product. I used to suffer with cellulite on the backs of my thighs and on my bum. I started using this on the problematic areas a few months a go and now you wouldn't even know I'd ever suffered with it. Whilst in the shower I just scrub this over my thighs, bum and tummy, working it in well all over and then rinsing. The ground almonds exfoliate skin leaving it soft and rejuvenated. It's also packed with cocoa butter, lemon oil and lavender oil, to make for a skin-calming experience. It leave skin feeling as soft and dewy as that of a baby. I wouldn't have a shower now without this trusty product with me. It has saved my bikini bod.

Hottie Massage Bar - A favourite of mine and my boyfriends. We have tried many of the Lush massage bars over the years and we both agree that this is the best. The bobbles on it are great for getting in-between your vertebrae to release tension. It smells warming, and amazing, great for cold winter evenings what with the ginger and black peppery smell emanating from it. Simply place on your other half's back, or best friend, or sibling or whoever to work up an oily surface, then work in. It's relaxing and soothing, and after you've done them - they do you! It aids in circulation and releases stubborn knots. It's also made with a cocoa butter base meaning afterwards your skin is super nourished. 

These are permeant fixtures in my bathroom now, and I couldn't make it through a pamper day without all of these. What are your favourite Lush products? Have you tired any of these?

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