Saturday, 4 October 2014

Topshop Make Up


Topshop make up has always been something I looked at in the shop but for some reason I was always wary of it. Maybe I imagined it was going to be bad quality because I thought it was an after thought. But the other day I finally bought some. I treated myself to three of the matte nail polishes and two lipsticks. 

These are the two lipstick I bought, I did swatch them but the lighting didn't really do them justice. The darker colour is called Wicked and is like a purple/black colour. It's dark, a little bit goth and ideal paired with strong eyebrows and messy hair. The neon pink is called Legend, It's chic and girly, teaming this with neutral eye shadows and a shimmery blush is on point. These two colours do really compliment each other now and make for a fantastic ombre look. 

These are the matte nail polish's I purchased. I had the image in my mind of an off-white nail colour for ages, so when I saw this one called Admit it I thought it was a must-have. I also bought the grey in Easy Peasy and the green is called Loco in Acapulco, but it's not on the website anymore. These dry completely opaque in one coat and are super chip resistant! A week of work followed me paining my nails with these and I only have a few minor scuffs!

Topshop Matte Nails nail polish in Loco in Acapulco (all of the colours are here)

I do recommend Topshop as a make up brand, and I hope you all give them a go!


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