Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Worlds Greatest Hair Saviours!

Now I have possibly the worst hair ever. It's super thin, it frizzes instantly, splits just looking at a heated appliance. I have to keep it short because if it manages to finally grow it's way beyond my shoulders it turns into little rat tails. I have tried many products over the years that claim to thicken, protect and condition but nothing's really worked. Until now.

1. This Serum is enriched with a collagen, peptide and procapil compound. You simply use the pipette to drop the liquid onto your scalp and massage it in. The collagen formula acts a bit like a plumping lip gloss, it stops the hair lying flat at the root so you hair looks thicker. By massaging it in - not only is it relaxing - you also stimulate blood circulation and in-turn hair growth.

2. The lightweight oil is chock full of argon oil, which we all know is key to healthy hair. It helps repair and strengthen, as well as smoothing hair cuticles to restore shine. The fact it's lightweight is a dream come true for me. It doesn't weigh my hair down and keeps it bouncy.

3. Leave in treatments are that extra bit of luxury we all try to give our selves once a week. This one is worth it. Set aside 20 minutes to comb this through and relax... Then rinse. It leaves your hair silky, soft and shiny. It'll last an age as well because you only need to use it once a week!

4. I've mentioned this product before, the Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm is fantastic for busy girls! You just work some in before you go to bed, sleep on it and voilà. Beautiful hair by the morning. No need to rinse or fuss, it's quick and easy.

5. Everyone needs a good heat defence spray, some that I have tried dry my hair out, others just don't do anything. This one is packed with tons of argon oil and moringa seed extract. Keeping hair clean and soft and protected against the heat and damage of every day life.

Us thin haired gals have to help each other out, so I hope these product prove as useful to you as they have to me!


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