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Formula 1: What Will Happen?

Touching on a different subject today, not my usual fashion and beauty but something I am equally as passionate about. Formula 1. I have a huge F1 fan, and I mean huge. I even live my life by a motto that Finnish Ferarri Driver Kimi Raikkonen once screamed in Abu Dhabi "Leave me alone, I know what I'm doing!". So with this being a passion of mine I thought I'd do a little breakdown of the season so far and what we can expect in the next 5 races.

The season this year has been dominated by the Mercedes Silver Arrows, driven by German Driver Nico Rosberg and British Driver Lewis Hamilton. These two were childhood friends and raced go-carts together in the early days of their racing careers. However this season has seen a rivalry ebb between them. Being in cars with the same power all it comes down too is who is the better driver?

This isn't something that can simply be answered. Rosberg has pretty much lead the championship this year with it only slipping to Hamilton twice (currently Lewis leads by just 3 points!) Rosberg has had 4 wins and retired twice - one of these was in Singapore, the last race. Hamilton however has retired 3 times, won seven and not been off the podium in any of the races he's finished. Basically what everyones saying is the races are Hamilton's to win, and Rosberg's to lose.

But with these two battling it out, and, on more than one occasion, crashing into each other what of last years winners? Red Bull have been the ones to beat for the last four years with Sebastian Vettel seeming unstoppable winning the last four championships. This year that is looking less likely, however fellow Red Bull team member Daniel Ricciardo is doing fantastically. Ignoring his disqualification in the first race, and his retirement in the second he has won 3 times and not once been out of the top 10!

Ricciardo has said that he thinks he could take the lead from the Silver Arrows in the last race, where there are double points up for grabs. He thinks he might be able to sneak through and steal the championship from Rosberg and Hamilton, although he is currently 60 points behind, and there's only 50 available for the winner.

So with five races to go, what could happen? If either Rosberg or Hamilton crash out and Ricciardo wins on that race he will be within the 50 points for the last race. Hamilton and Rosberg could very easily take each other out, but that could leave a Seena/Prost situation where they take themselves out too. I don't think this will happen. Both Hamilton and Rosberg are fair drivers I believe. If you ignore Rosberg's incident in Monaco... and again in Belgium,

The championship is still very much undecided and we are in for a good few races. Will you be watching? I will be keeping all fingers crossed the Lewis Hamilton wins this championship, I've not actually seen a Brit win it since I got into the sport!

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