Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Clarins Nudes

Clarins is renowned as one of the world most luxurious make up brands. They have amazing values and considering my skin is super sensitive, knowing they use plant based products was a real draw. I have been dying to get my hands on some of their stuff for ages so when I was shopping with my sister this morning and passed one of their concessions I knew I couldn't help myself!

I invested in the Eye Quartet Mineral Palette in 02 Nude. I got this pallet in particular because my pervious brown pallet has run out and I have resorted to super smokey black eyes for the last few weeks. I also bought the Ever Matte Mineral Powder Compact in 02 Transparent Medium.

As you can see these eyeshadows have an amazing pigmentation to them. I love the light colour for lifting eyes, and the really dark brown is great for adding that little bit extra drama. The Powder was to define my cheek bones and to add in a contouring piece to my rapidly expanding makeup kit.

This look is one of my favourite eye make-up looks. It's almost like a cat-eye but made with the pointed brush in the set. It's an easy look that works in an ombre effect with the lightest colour in the corner and getting darker the closer to edge you get. I think this look is ideal with a bit of mascara and a smattering of a matte pink-y lipstick.

This look below,  however, is one that was on the cheat sheet that came in the pack. It's very subtle nude look, it's super sheer and sophisticated - ideal for anything. This look can be kept work ready with a slick of clear lipgloss, or you can add a lot of drama by opting for a high-shine fire engine red lipstick.

To buy the two items I have you can click the links in the second paragraph, they came to a total of £59 which I don't think is too bad, the Clarins website currently offer free shipping for all orders over £50, so it's worth while. I really recommend these products and I think Clarins make up and skin care is worth the money you spend on it. And with Clarins offering loads of different products for loads of different issues, why not check out what they can do for you?


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