Thursday, 18 September 2014

Charlotte Tilbury: Is It Worth The Price Tag?

Now when it comes to my make up the price tag has steadily been going up. A year ago my make-up bag consisted of one liquid eyeliner and one mascara. I then went on a bit of a spree and bout cheap versions of everything from foundation to eyeshadows, and since then every time something ran out i replaced it with a more expensive version. 

My £11.99 foundation was traded up for Estée Lauder in Fresco for £29. My eyeshadow went from a £3.99 Rimmel London Kit to a £32 pallet. So whilst in the Oxford Street Selfidges a few days ago I knew I had to go to the Charlotte Tilbury concession. My concealer had just ran out and I needed a new one for contouring, and after reading a few reviews I decided this would be best. I also picked up two lipsticks, one in a glossy red wine colour and one in a subtle chic matte pink.

In total these three products cost me around the £70 mark. The Retoucher in 1 Fair was £25 whilst both lipsticks were £23. I opted for the matte lipstick in Bond Girl as it's similar to one of my all time favourite colours that had just ran out.

I love this colour as its super chic and subtle, ideal for work or a fancy dinner with my other half. It stays on all day and won't budge for anyone. The colour is aptly named as well. When you think of old James Bond films and the girls in them - this was the colour. It's seductive and alluring without being too in your face.

The second lipstick I bought I'd been lusting after for a while. It looks like a very dark purple in the tube but then transforms to the colour of a good vintage red wine on your lips. It's deep and glossy and a little bit sexy. It's everything a lipstick should be. I think this would be ideal for after-work drinks or a friends birthday party. It's still a classic colour but it's got a bit more fun in it.

So after knowing all of this, and after using cheaper versions of all these products for a year, I can say that Charlotte Tilbury make-up is worth it. It's all things you'll use and they're simply amazing. Everything from the colour, to the texture to the pigment is worth it! I recommend buying some without further hesitation!


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