Thursday, 21 August 2014

Awkward Season Transition Looks

The weather is being super hormonal at the minute. One second its bright scorching sun, the next it's raining, then it's ice cold and overcast. Do you find yourself heading out with a mismatched outfit? For example have you teamed a cosy jumper up with your slider sandals? Or are you finding yourself sporting sunglasses and a scarf? Well if you've looked in the mirror this week and thought you were starting a new trend - fear not - YANA. This is my fool-proof guide to seasonal transitioning. 
I like to think I was born into this because my birthday is on the very cusp of autumn. So long as you follow these top tips you'll stay stylish and perfect temperature throughout this awkward semi-season.

Teaming a summer dress with boots and a parka is a sure-fire way to hold on to the last of the summer for a little longer. Opting for bare legs where you can means you get to show off that tan a little longer, whilst the boots keep your toes warm (and your fuzzy socks hidden!) I like to team this look with a cool purple lip colour.

For a night out brave it! You do anyway! A mini-dress and mega heels are all a girl really needs. Going for contrasting dark patterns keeps this look co-ordinated and on trend. The long sleeves on this dress give you and extra layer whilst you walk. I think when you're opting for a dark pallet you need to keep your accessories simple, gold or silver are ideal, stick to one or two sparkly key pieces to off set the look.

For every-day run of the mill, this is my go-to look! A chunky knit jumper and a H&M basic black skirt are all you really need. As it gets cooler stick on some tights and some long socks scrunched over the top your docs and you're suddenly ready for winter! Docs are fantastic for when the first frost comes in, they are the sturdiest most comfortable shoes I think anyone has ever worn. They edge out this otherwise fumpy look by juxtaposing the boxy jumper. With this look keep it simple and opt for your favourite lip balm.

I hope this helps you pick out your outfits for the next month or so while the weather changes! Remember go bare as long as you can to show off your glow, keep warm with socks and coast and you're well on your way!


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