Thursday, 3 April 2014

Wonderful Weaving

What You Will Need:
2 Lengths of bamboo of the same size.
Different colour wools - at least 2, no more than 6
2 Nails/Pins

Begin by tying the two lengths of bamboo together in a cross. I used the Japanese Square Lashing Technique and followed this video. Make sure the knots are tight. 
You should end up with a neat cross in the centre and a good starting point for your weaving.  
Cut off the loose ends from the lashing to keep it neat.

Using the same colour wool tie a loop around one of the bamboo sections, push the knot close into the centre and keep the loose ends round the back.
From here take the wool from the side still attached to the ball and go over the spur to the right of the knot.
You will need to go over the top, wrap around the bottom, and cross over at the top, then pull the wool over to the next spur and repeat.

When you have a good diamond shape building you can change colour.
To do this you need to take the wool over the top of your next spur, wrap it around the bottom twice and then cut the length from the ball, leaving some spare.
With the spare length, tuck it through one of the flat loops you just made and pull tight.
Don't worry too much about the tail here because that can be woven in with the next colour and will make the knot extra secure.

To begin with a new colour put a loop around one spur and tie a knot on the bottom side.
You then repeat the same patter you used with your first colour.
Build up the pattern as you go, experiment with different orders of the wool colours, different thicknesses of colours and so on.
Once you have finished your weaving, put a strong knot around the bamboo and pull tight, cutting the ends off.
You now need to decide how much bamboo you want either side. I went for five centimetres giving me enough room to put two nails in to hang it from.

The weaving on the left was created through this technique I've described. To make the one on the right you just need to go under every alternate spur.
I hope you love making them! 

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