Tuesday, 4 March 2014

My New Hobby: Embroidery on Photos

My boyfriend probably knows this better than anyone, and that is, sometimes I like to call my self an 'artist'. Now I'm not and I think calling yourself an artist in all seriousness is a bit pretentious so I'm joking when I say that. All I mean by it is I am being creative. I have previously posted some examples of my photography work but I like to experiment. I paint, I screen print, I quill I have fun mainly with creative mediums. Something I've always had a fancy for was embroidery on photos ever since I saw these images by Maurizo Anzeri.

I think his images must be massive to get the level of detail he achieves without being able to see the holes where the needle has gone in. I however use the regular 6x4 prints you get from a film camera handed in at Morrisons. 

I took the photos that I used in 2010/2011 for my yearbook as I was finishing school and there they have stayed for three years. It wasn't until last May that I thought about sewing photos. I did it for my Final Major Project at college and since then I caught a bug.

In January I found the box in my room entitled  'Photography and Stuff' so I looked in it and there I found a brown moleskin book full of all the photos I'd taken. I thought these would be a perfect place to practice my new love. Here are some of the results.
Lauran McCalmont - Bedroom in Gosport 2011

Lauran McCalmont and Naomi Couper - Bus stop in Winchester 2010

Naomi Couper - Southsea Common 2010

Chloe Moreley, Devon Williams, Jamie Wren, Tom Hodge, Michelle Harding and Mike Jones - Rowner in Gosport 2010

All images together.

I hope you like these images and maybe you'll experiment with this idea at some point. I really recomened it. It's a classic past time with a new twist, and it take old boring pictures into quite cute, and maybe slightly creepy images. 


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