Friday, 14 March 2014

Cute DIY Typography

This is a cute easy project that I've been wanting to do for months! It's a good way to introduce some art into a space if you don't want a canvas, or a painting, or photographs. Things similar have been floating around on tumblr for ages, with teenagers using cut out letters blu-tac'd to a wall. This is more permeant and more delicate.

To do this you will need lot's of pins - I used 212 in the end, and I used strong household pins as I didn't want to use nails because they'd be to chunky. I opted for long pins, and they were found amongst all the dressmaker stuff. You want ones with a long shaft because you'll need them to anchor properly in the wall. You'll also need a lot of thread in a colour of your choice. Chose one that compliments your space but that also stands out against the background. You'll need some lettering, I printed mine off filling an A5 sheet per letter (600 pt) and I used Ariel font as it's a simple bold shape. Your font choice is up to you, but the more curvy it is the harder it will be to string! Lastly you'll need a hammer, some scissors and some map pins.

1) Using your map pins pin the lettering to the wall, be sure to start from the middle outwards so everything is central and square. 
2) Starting from the lower right hand corner of you last letter start hammering in your nails, about an inch apart. It's important you start from the lower right hand corner instead of going left to right - otherwise you will knock pins out with your hands as you go, so start the opposite side and then you're always working in a clear area. 
3) Once your letters have been pinned around entirely take out the map pins and rip the paper out slowly being careful not to pull out any nails. 
4) Tie a loop in the end of your thread but don't pull tight, leave it loose. 
5) Place the loop over a pin in your first letter - it doesn't matter which - and pull tight.
6) Using that as your anchor point pull the thread tightly and around another pin, wrapping it around a few times and pushing it down towards where the pink meets the wall. 
7) Keep pulling your thread and wrapping it around different pins, zig-zaging as you go, you want it to look random and a bit like a spiders web, I recommend going around the letter two or three times with each pin being used a few times and connecting to a different pin that before.
8) Once you have zig-zagged your way round start buy just going around the outline, one pin at a time.
9) When you've gone around the outside, snip off the thread from the spool leaving a long tail.
10) Put a look in the tail and pull it over a pin and pull tightly so the thread coming from the pin is taught,
11) Cut off the tail.
12) Repeat steps 4-11 until all your letters are covered.

It can be quite a fiddly process but it looks pretty impressive once it's finished. putting the nails in took me about an hour and a half, and the stringing was about 15 minutes per letter so it's quite a lengthy project but well worth putting the time in! 
If you give this a go then please let me know by using @kharriet on Twitter or @kharri3t on Instagram! I'd love to see them!


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