Tuesday, 4 February 2014

What I'm Wearing: Modern Rocker

Some days I like to mix and match styles. My wardrobe is a mess of 1950's retro pieces, punky Doc Martens, sheer sleek blouses, midriff exposing tops, killer heels and more. I can wear the same item of clothing a hundred different ways. This is how I take a skirt, that by all rights should be dressy going out attire, and turn it into a nu-wave 90's grunge, with a little bit of finesse.

/ Leather Jacket - New Look / Black Crop Top - Misguided / Green Paisley Pattern Skirt - Topshop / Gold Grid Pattern Necklace - New Look / Two Sapphire and Diamond Rings - Vintage / Single Stone Crystal Ring - Vintage / Burgundy Striped Socks - New Look / Blue Mary Jane Wedges - New Look / Eyeshadows in Call My Bluff, My Two Cents and Kiss Me, I'm Tipsy - World Famous Neutrals by Benefit / Lip Lacquer in Eclipse - Apocalips by Rimmel London /

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