Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Apocalips Lip Lacquer Review

The Apocalips collection by Rimmel London is my newest favourite brand of lip colour. It's a bright vibrant colour like a lipstick, then with a glossy shine on top. They're super moisturising, a great colour, and in a pretty gorgeous package. The ombre fade into black is a prefect fir for this brand all mysterious and dark, with a crystalline like shape on the lid. It slicks on like a gloss but has the intense colour of a lipstick, and for a pretty decent price too, regular retail is £5.99

Above are all the colours I have in Apocalips, I've gone for darker shades because it goes with more of my style choices, but they have lots of nude shades, some orangey ones, light pinks, dark purples and everything. Something for everyone! From left to right the colours are Apocaliptic, Galaxy, Across The Universe, and Eclipse.

This is the Apocaliptic colour on, it's a very vibrant neon pink. A super fun colour and a very summery shade. I think this shade is a must in everyones make up box for a feminine bright flush to any outfit on any day.

Eclipse is my favourite and was the first shade I bought, its a perfect wine colour. I love these colour, red wine lips are a perfect modern goth chic look. This one is perfect for a night out, or for those days when you want to do nu-goth. Like I do. Most days.

Next up is Galaxy, this looks like a purple colour but goes on in a shimmery slightly off nude shade. It's a more practical every day shade. This one's quite glittery but it's super sleek and stylish.

Across The Universe is the bright traffic stopping red above. This is that blood red colour that is on everybody's lips. Literally. From red carpets to street style a good red lipstick will take you far in life, and this high shine lacquer is prefect.

 Which of these is your favourite? You can expect to see more of these in my What I'm Wearing posts. I hope to add more of these to my collection because they are really amazing. The only slight issue is if it gets onto your skin that's not your lips, it bleeds. But put it in the right place and it looks fantastic. Hope you love them!

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