Sunday, 26 January 2014


Those of you who know me, will know that there is normally only one thing that will attract me to something enough for me to part my money with it, and that's monotone. Whether is different shades of green, ombré in pink or - my personal favourite - simple black and white. So when I was introduced to Patternity last week my heart fell through my stomach, tears welled in my eyes and I was in love.

Founded by two very clever ladies with an eye for the beautiful and bold, photographer come art director, Anna Murray and surface/product designer, Grace Winteringham. Patternity is a company with a clear motivation to explore and inspire with patterns we see everyday around us. 

What draws me too them is the way they use simple shapes such as thick bold lines, tessellating triangles, and other minimalist shapes to give the impression of high rise flats, brickwork, skyscrapers, roads and so much more. The inspiration and shape of the city scape directly correlates to the colours chosen. Aiming first for black and white, but then perfectly accenting it in primary reds, yellows and blues. 

With the companies repertoire spreading quite magnicently through footwear, hosiery, home wears, crockery, carpets, fashion, and so much more it's pretty easy to admire the versatility of pattern. With so many different ventures, projects and collaborations, it's massive feat. 

As I said I am head over heels for this company and all they do! I am so inspired and have so many cool little projects of my own brewing in my head now, thanks to these simple geometric patterns. I guess that's why it's the world leading organisation in Pattern. 

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