Tuesday, 31 December 2013

20 Things I'm Loving for 2014

1) Crystal Cactus Everything!

Now some of you may be aware that I am in love with this jewellery line, and everything about it. The great thing is, it's not just jewellery. But everything on here will help enhance your soul, and mind with the Reiki infused Crystals, House Cleansers, and Moon Oils. They will heal you spiritually and you'll look completely fantastic while doing it. The designer of these bespoke handmade gems is the pink haired, queen of pop culture, web sensation Audrey Kitching. This woman - in my opinion - hasn't put a foot wrong in any of the years I've been aware of her (This is going back to 2007) and has inspired me completely with every move she's made.

2) Betty Bangs

This simple retro look has taken 2013 by storm, with the likes of Hayley Williams, Katy Perry and internet personalities such as Stella Rose and Doe Deere leading the trend. I  love it and have faked it with my curlers countless times throughout the year and each time I've been complimented on it. The next time I go to hairdressers I'm getting me a set cut in, brand new for a new year!

3) Tartan

This rocky, edgy trend has been everywhere this A/W and it's reached between the high end design houses, right down to the high street. It is a look I have grown up with, my Mum's always worn tartan in the winter, and my Dad says it's so 'every two to three years she's in fashion again'. I have two pairs of tartan tights that have been buried in  my draw for the last however many years, but now I'm finally able to whack them back out! The photo above is from fashion blogger Fash-N-Chips.

4) Sherlock

British BBC Television. It gave us Doctor Who, Spooks, The Office and Hustle is now bringing back it's hit TV show Sherlock back after a two year hiatus. Written by the mastermind behind New Who, Steven Moffat and actor/come writer/come Sherlock's brother, Mark Gattis, it's a re-telling of the classic Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novels. It features Benedict Cumberbatch as the arrogant, smug, yet brilliant consulting detective. Along side him is Martin Freeman plays John Watson, an ex Military Doctor back from serving in Afghanistan. This new series is set after Sherlock has died, only he's now making a return...

5) WoodWick Candles
Now I have always been a fan of scented candles, so imagine how happy I was when I stumbled across these. With a patented wooden wick which crackles as it burns for that authentic candle-y sound, an hourglass shape and scents such as cinnamon chai, sparkling ginger and caramel apple, they work amazingly across three of the five senses.

6) Feature Eyes/Lips

This has been a staple in fashion since the dawn of time. You can only do big eyes, or daring lips not both. But over the last few seasons we've been doing both. Smokey eyes and neon lips, it's all go too much of a visual onslaught now. Pick one a day, I myself often choose smokey brown eyes and a peachy, off pink lipgloss for the everyday and of an evening or a special occasion, a quick slick of eyeliner and Kate Matte Red lipstick is all it needs. Pick the feature you want the people around you to focus on and draw on it.

7) Nature Weaving

My pinterest is populated by this at the minute and I've got all the supplies ready to do my own in the new year. All you need is a decent sized stick, a lot of ribbons, wool, fabric scraps and a fair bit of patience, but once it's done I think it looks incredible.

8) Luna by Audrey Kitching

This is to be Audrey Kitching's new clothing line 'for gypsy girls with a sense of glamour' I am yet to see anything from it because it's not even been launched yet. But I know I'm going to love it.

9) Soap and Glory Everything!

Half my make up box is Soap and Glory, I love it and predominately because of the branding of pin up girls and clever names like 'Sexy Mother Pucker', 'Trick and Treatment', or 'Mist You Madly'. I had a few pieces from my make up collection and then for Christmas I was lucky enough to receive The Yule Monty from my parents which features everything any girl could need for a pamper day. I recomend their stuff immensely, the colour and pigment of their make up is incredible and the moisturisers are so kind on sensitive skin - and this is coming from someone who wake up with a reaction to something on a daily basis!

10) DIY Terrariums

These cute little indoor gardens have been something I admire, I even bought friendship cacti for my friends, because they're hard to kill, like our friendship - there was meant to be some sort of soppy crap reason as to why we had them. Still, both of them managed to kill theirs, while mine lives on in my tortoise tank. I love them and I will be making one soon so make sure you keep checking back!

11) Crystal Candle Holders

I fell in love with these when I was sat on the green metal chairs my best friend has in her garden. By her back door she had - thrown over on it's side, full of water and with green moss growing in - there was an amethyst candle holder. I turned to her and said 'What's that doing out here? You should clean it up and use it.' She said she would - but she hasn't yet. If it's still there next time I am so nicking it off her!

12) Transparent Clutch

This is such a chic thing! But only if you can be a neater girl than me. A transparent clutch allows the world to see what you carry with you, fantastic if all you have is an iPhone, a pretty coin purse and some Chanel lipstick in Incandescente. But nobody wants to see your Tescos paracetamol or your Always pads!

13) Revolution

Wow! If you aren't watching it, why the hell not. Well? What are you waiting for? Go on!

14) Capes/Kimonos

This piece of overwear was everywhere last summer and here we are, gearing up for a new year and a new spring and they're still going strong! I recommend starting your collection off with a black lace kimono. It will go with everything, from looking casual over a high-neck top and skirt, to looking super chic over a longline black bikini and circle sunglasses!

15) Lime Crime Make Up

Founded by Doe Deere who I mentioned earlier, this make up brand is for those who want to be seen. In gorgeous, shocking bright colours with high pigment, You couldn't go wrong if you had this swept across your eyelids. My favourite piece of theirs is the Velveteen collection, it goes on like a gloss but then transforms on your lips to the most striking matte lipstick you've ever had the fortune of wearing!

16) Interior Decor

With my boyfriends Mum and Husband moving into a new house in the new year that has to be completely refurbished I've gotten pretty into interior decor. I will be taking the oportunity to venture a new aspect of photography I've never explored before as well as using my new found knowledge to update my room without going over board.

17) Jeffrey Campbell's

I'm sure many of you know how much of a fan I am of JC's. I have been a fan since I made my tumblr account in 2010. In 2012 I visited New York and got myself a pair of black studded martini flats. I know have my dream pair of Jeffrey Campbell Cat Tapestry Lita's, but there are so many shoes from Jeffrey Campbell that I want and I don't have enough money for them all! I have now turned my fashion conscious cousin onto them so I'm sure it won't be long until she's in a pair. Or six.

18) Benefit Make Up

Benefit is amazing stuff! I bought myself an early Christmas Present of their best sellers. Using the miniature best sellers gift set I got my sister as a reference, I raked up a pretty high bill of make up. But it's sleek, non greasy and comes in super stylish packages. I swear if you want me to buy something just put it in a pretty box and I will throw my money at you. But I think for the value this stuff is, it's amazing and I highly recommend it. It's now my everyday make up - I don't even care if I have to pay a fortune every six months. When the products are of this high a quality, you do it!

19) Pastel vs Black

How do you make a statement in 2014? Easy! Contrasting colours and textures. Take a shinny PVC black circle skirt, and team it with a soft fluffy pastel blue jumper and you're right on trend. The offset between the colours and textures means the outfit has a whole lot more going for it.

20) Red Wine Lips

Every girl needs a lipstick in the colour of a good red wine. It's hovering on the boarder between gothic and the everyday. It makes a statement, and you'll have everyone around you hanging off every word you say when all they can focus on are your lips. Keep the rest of your face natural using perhaps only a highlighter and some mascara, it keeps the attention on your mouth. I recommend, as a cheap option, Rimmel London Kate Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick in shade 107. It makes your lips look like velvet, yet your lips never feel dry. It's a great buy and normally the price hovers around a fiver!

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