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Friday, 15 July 2016

What I'm Wearing: Jac Vanek

So a few weeks ago one of my all time favourite people had a flash sale on her clothing website. I say favourite person here rather than a designer or anything like that because she's been a role model of mine for quite a while. By quite a while I mean when I was in school there were two really amazing women who I was constantly inspired by. As the years have gone on and they've grown from being Scene Queens modeling for Trash Mag into really incredible women with a real care and passion for the earth, the people in it and with a really positive message to give out. These two women are called Audrey Kitching and Jac Vanek. Now I have already own tons of things by AK, mainly because it's always been a little bit cheaper, and considering you have to get it all shipped from the US, the cheaper the better really.

But as I was saying, Jac Vanek had a flash sale over pay day weekend, so, of course, I just couldn't help myself. I ordered the mantra military jacket which I don't think I have taken off for more than a few minutes since it arrived. The other thing i ordered was on her her vintage flannels. All of her flannels have things written on the back of them for the sassy bitch in all of us. The one I bought has the words 'Please do not talk to me. I am only here for the food' printed in large letters across the back.

Take a look at how I styled this truth-speaking shirt below. I went for quite a grungey outfit, teaming it up with black skinny jeans, my classic 1460 Doc's, and a slick of muted purple matte lipstick.

Please Do Not Talk To Me Flannel - Jac Vanek
Joni High Waisted Skinny Jeans - Topshop
Triple Layer Necklace - Topshop (similar here)
Large Blue Earrings - Found
1460 Doc's - Dr Martens 
Velvetines Matte Liquid Lipstick in Teddy Bear - Lime Crime
Blue Eyeshadow in Filter - Lime Crime

The flannel I got from JV is really super soft and a very high-quality fabric and the military jacket is made with a proper sturdy fabric, so although they're expensive they are very worth it. One thing i will say though about the shipping process to the UK is that it does take a while. It took two weeks for these goodys to come, and then I had to pay duty on them when they arrived. So just be warned on that front if you do order from here that once it gets to your local post office, you'll have to pop in and pay the duty before you can collect.

I really honestly love my jackets and shirt though so will 100% be ordering again even if it takes a while to come and there's a bill to pay at the end.


Thursday, 26 May 2016

How to be a Khaleesi

I write this today as a self-love checklist for anyone who might need to hear that they are, in fact, the most important person in the world. If you're a fan of the Game of Thrones series, or of the events happening in Westeros and Essos, then you will know that one of the pivotal people in the story is Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, (Other Titles) Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, (More Titles) Mother of Dragons.

I need this post for myself today as much as I'm sure there are people out there who need this post too. I won't go into details - because why on earth would I want to dwell on something that was bad for me? + why would you want to read it? Let's just say that something I hoped would never happen, but cleverly planned for, came to pass. Wyrd bið ful aræd. Fate is inexorable.

So here are my top tips on how to live your life like the violet-eyed, silver-haired queen of Meereen, and slay it. Completely, because you are a queen of your own little kingdom.

Stand Tall
You will notice that throughout the whole show, Daenerys never once slouches or slumps. She is always sat or stood up straight. Now, this may have something to do with the very first episode when her brother told her to stand up properly, but since then she has never once let her shoulders fall. Why? Because she knows her worth she knows that she is important, and she's never needed to be told that. You are soo important to the world, and you should know it, and you should never slouch in a way that says 'I am less than' when you a more than you could possibly know.

Dress Impeccably
This is a thought I have very single day when I wake up anyway, always have done and always will do. No matter how god awful you feel, get up, dress up, put on your make- up, make yourself feel completely beautiful, suddenly, you won't feel so awful, you'll feel beautiful. + surely that's a feeling you always want to have right?

Surround Yourself With People Who Love You
The Mother of Dragons has always surrounded herself, to the best of her knowledge at least, with people who think the entire sun shines out of her eyes. You need people like that too. People who want to hear what you have to say, who respect your opinion and inspire your ambitions and your dreams. Anyone who is even slightly negative in your life, you seriously do not need. You want people who think your art is beautiful, who laugh at your jokes, who think it's cute that you write short stories, who listen to your thoughts, and don't make you feel like these things are trivial - people who instead feel like these are the reasons why the sun resides in your heart.

People Will Betray You
Now chill a sec -  I don't mean like you're going to be '''''Ceasered''''', and stabbed 23 times in the back by your mates. I mean that the person you gave your heart too will crush it. I mean the friend who you thought always had your back has been spreading rumors about you to all your mutuals. I mean your work-wife who you thought was helping you get promoted sabotaged everything and took it for themselves. People come into your life for lots of different reasons. Some of those reasons are unfortunately utterly heart-breaking. That doesn't mean you are broken. It means you were full of too much. Too much love, too much knowledge, too much kindness. People take advantage of these, see them as weaknesses, but you are the opposite of weak.

Sometimes People Deserve Second Chances (Sometimes)
Now how sorry have we all felt for Jorah Mormont for the last season and a half since he got banished from his Queens side. Yes he sold her secrets to her enemies, almost got her and her unborn child killed - like yeah okay so he's not the best guy - but that was right at the beginning, then he saved her life, advised her continually, loved her from a distance, and was then banished from her kingdom. He deserved a second chance, because he fought tirelessly to gain her trust back, and even though he thought she hated him, he spent months (I assume moths - Essos time is weird) to save her life again! Not everyone does, remember that if they hurt you once before, then there's a very good chance that they'll do it again. Never forget that there is such a huge galaxy of love inside you that people will fight for a chance to be incased in it again, or it's so vast that you can get by just fine without them.

Never Give Up
Daeny has been fighting and dreaming of getting back to Westeros since she was a very little girl (I say very little because in the books shes only like sixteen and apparently that's grown sooooo). That has been her goal, to get home, to rule. She's dreamt and worked tirelessly for it. You have to as well if you want to achieve your dream. It's not enough to hope, or too want it. It has to be worked for, pushed for. It will tear you apart, and you will probably spend many a dark night feeling like you'll never get it. But her dream is to re-take Seven Kingdoms at Civil War with each other, from a Country that killed her family and banished her to live her life as a beggar princess. Your dream is not going to be that hard. Work hard, never give up, and ask for help.

Never Forget Who You Are
Don't change, don't pretend to be something you're not. Who you are is enough. Who you are is worthwhile. You don't need to change or conform or be anything anyone doesn't want you to be. If you like watching Formula 1 on a Sunday with your Dad. Then keep doing that. That's you. If you like getting up at 6am and going for a run. Then don't stop. That's you. If you like baking to make up cupcake recipes at midnight. Then keep it up. That's you. No one should ever make you feel like you can't do those things - least of all you. Don't change because you're afraid people might think you're 'a bit weird' That's how I've been introduced to 90% of the people I work with. 'This is Kat, she's a bit weird'. Yes, I am. I am also fantastic.

Love Yourself Forever
This Targaryen chick has been through it all. She still knows she's the best thing to walk the earth. We all are. You need to realise that. You need to look into your mirror and realise that the person looking back at you is so much more deserving of your love than anybody else in the universe. The only person you are truly going to spend your life with lives in that mirror. You can fall in love with your soulmate, you can have friends who know you inside out, but there's still those dark recesses that only you know about, so love those parts completely because you have got to live with them forever. And once you love them that the sun in your chest can leak into the dark dungeons in your mind and turn them into gardens of wild flowers. 

You are so beautiful, and so loved, and I never want you to feel any different. You are the ruler of your kingdom, you are the gold giver, the lord of the land. You are the most important thing and Meereen needs Daenerys just like this blue and green marble needs you.

Monday, 16 May 2016

What I'm Wearing: Dark Florals

Finally, it's starting to seem like summer is on its way. After a winter that lasted almost as long as the one that the Starks keep warning us about - it's amazing to finally see some sun. It's been pretty baking down here on the south coast. Unfortunately, I haven't bee able to enjoy it as much as I would have liked due to me literally being here-there-and-everywhere at the minute. I've been working in Weymouth and Dorchester a lot recently which has taken me away from my 40hour weeks and My home in Gosport to doing more like 60hour weeks and living off Chinese in hotel rooms - so you'll forgive the massive gap between my last post and this one.

This is a new outfit I recently purchased because - hey - I felt I deserved something nice! It's a lovely dark navy wrap dress with backless detail. It's mid length so it's still very stylish and sophisticated, but I think the wrap detail and plunging neckline are a little bit sexy too. I think this dress works well on its own, or, teamed with a leather jacket in the cooler evenings. I also believe that once autumn rears it's head again this dress will still look smoking teamed with black tights and a white or black long-sleeved undershirt.

Floral Wrap Dress - Topshop
Black Platform Shoes - New Look (Similar)
Filly Socks - Topshop 
Lace-Up Leather Jacket - ASOS
Lipstick in Shroom - Lime Crime

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Lime Crime Lipsticks

What's up Sports Fans? Now I know what you're thinking 'your last post was Lime Crime too - what is this?' But my last post was one I had been meaning to write up for months, + I'm sorry to say this is where you're going to get my excuses. For one, I'm convinced Christmas was last week, and yet here we are hurtling towards the end of March at lightspeed. Secondly, on January 1st, I was promoted at work, and that has meant extra hours at the shop, traveling for training, and even traveling to cover shifts in other stores. I was in Somerset just last week! All of this has meant that my posts have been few and far between for 2016 so far I'm afraid. So it's just a coincidence that two Lime Crime posts are next to each other - I'm very sorry.

This is a very special post though because it also has my first Vlog! This is a huge leap for me, I've never made a video like this before, so this is my first attempt and I clearly have loads to learn, but I'm very excited to be expanding my blog in this way.

So what am I reviewing? Today it's a selection of four really exciting, vibrant shades from Lime Crime Make Up. I have selected two of their signature liquid-to-matte Velvetines, and two of their all new metallic matte Perlees. The shades I've selected tell the story of my life, I chose one of each that was in my usual red to purple range, and one of each that was completely different from anything I've ever worn before.

The first pair that I try in this video are the Perlees, my reason for that is because whenever I've worn Velvetines before, they will not budge for love or money or even make up wipes. It's why they're so good, but give me a second and I'll get onto that.

The Perlees shades I purchased were two really retro inspired colours. The first is a 'mulberry red' called Third Eye. It's really deep, multi-faceted pinky-purple mauve. It goes on really smoothly, and really easily, literally gliding on and really defining your pout. It's a few shades off a red wine lip, the shimmer and glitter in it though are just to die for. So beautiful, so vibrant, and such a stunning colour. It sounds like I'm overselling how lush this colour is - but I'm really not. I love this, it feels very retro, very throwback-esque, and I can just picture it being applied by Rebecca in Cheers bar, batting her eyelids at Sam, or even by Rachel Green before her first day at Bloomies. It's reminiscent to me of that early 90's, late 80's glamour that was so prevalent in fashion at the time.

The next shade I took for a test drive was Penny. Let me tell you a little something about Penny: Once upon a time Lime Crime announced they would be bringing out a new collection of lipsticks. The fifth shade reveal on Lime Crime's Instagram was Penny. Meanwhile, in a far away land a girl was scrolling through her feed when this delightful bronze colour appeared as if by magic. The girl knew she had to have it, and so from then on she came to own the Perlees named Penny. 

This truly is an incredible colour, just as dimensional as Third Eye but in a rich copper instead. I love orange, and I love shiny things, so give me a lipstick that meets both criteria and I am going to be on cloud 9, 10 and 11. It's subtle enough still for every day which I think came sometimes be the issue with these out-there colours. Although Lime Crime create make up for every Unicorn, not every Unicorn feels like they have the confidence to walk down their peninsula-living high street in pastel blue lipstick - sometimes they feel more like a donkey with an ice cream cone on their foreheads. This is a unique enough colour to feel experimental and edgy, but not so far as to feel exposed. Though come on girl, you're fab any which way - who are you kidding?

I followed the Perlees with Velvetines, I bought myself two very different shades. The first I trialed is Shroom, which is sort of a nude, 90's, brown shade. The first thing I thought when I tried this one on is how in it is right now. It seems the fashion world can't quite decide if we're flashing back to the 70's, or throwing back to the 90's. But for the days you're choosing tattoo chokers over flares this is the lipstick you want with you. It's a really smooth, blemish free nude. It's a few shades darker than my skin tone and underlaid with almost a caramel brown. It complemented my tones brilliantly, a result I wasn't really expecting because I've never worn nudes or brown lip shades before. So for a home run on my first foray into this new phenomenon is pretty incredible.

The final shade I took for a spin was Pumpkin. I've owned pumpkin previously but somewhere down the line, it got lost. It's a beautiful orange-y, brick red, clay-y colour. Very vibrant, and really harks back to those to-die-for pouts of 1940's pin up girls, which I took as my inspiration when I got dressed + ready that morning. This is another shade that I can dress up or down, and one that can take me through my darkest goth days, and through my ultra fluffy girly days. I love things that are versatile, I am more than a one-look chick, and I expect my lipsticks to be able to carry me through every situation as well.

I hope you like my first ever Vlog! If you do be sure to let me know so I can create more in future! Have a fab day my Unicorns!

You can buy all these lipsticks from Lime Crime:
Velvetines - In shades 'Shroom' and 'Pumpkin'
Prelees - In shades 'Third Eye' and 'Penny'

On my eyes I'm wearing Mustard from the Venus II Palette you can buy here


Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Lime Crime Venus Palette II

Hello all! It's been a little while since I did a make up review but here we are with this fabulously bright palette from Lime Crime. Lime Crime are one of my all time favourite make up brands, they are a vegan company, and provide a vibrant and diverse collection for every unicorn. I have had a few of their unicorn lipsticks in the past (which are being discontinued now - sigh) but when I saw this beautiful eyeshadow set I knew I had to have it.

The colours of this palette are what attracted me to it. I have always wanted to wear really brightly coloured eyeshadows, I'm such a goth in everything else I do, so I've fancied that pop of colour on my eyes for as long as I've been a make up addict. But for some reason I've always struggled to do that, I have a pigment or a colouration in my skin which tends to make a lot of the eyeshadows I've tried in the past look a bit grey and washed out. This set though is completely different!

Lime Crime's Venus II palette consists of eight vastly different colours. This is what made me want this set over the first Venus palette which was mainly full of nudes and reds. Venus II is the exact opposite, not one of these shades could be classed as nude.

We start at the top right with Pigeon, an iridescent greeny-purpley shimmer, it is identical to the band on a pigeons neck that changes colour in the sun. Colour number two is Filter, the perfect matte powder-blue you always wanted in the early noughties at school. Mash is a slightly metallic soft green. Mustard is my fave colour, when I saw this shade in the pre-launch reveal on Lime Crime's instagram I knew I had to have it, it is a matte french mustard. The first shade on the bottom is Fly, a soft delicate gold. Shade #6 is called Jam, it's a vibrant matte orange colour. Mud follows in a muted brick red. The final shade of this incredible palette is Boot, an absolute black packed with tiny green and purple glitter pigments that catch the light beautifully.

I swatched all the colours above here, and you can see how vibrant and highly pigmented they are, and how completely non-grey they are! Now there are loads of different looks you can create with this palette, for my work Christmas Party I combined Marsh, Pigeon and Boot for an ultimate green smokey eye. The green colours work really well on me as well, I have brown eyes with a green rim around the iris so green colours really make them pop.

My two favourite looks at the minuet are more full of colour than I usually sport. My everyday go-to shades tend to be nudes, browns and golds. So these shades are so out there from my norm - and I love them. Below I created these two looks, the first using Filter and Marsh. This is a soft light mermaid style eye, with lots of mascara to further hint at that early 2000's look. I simply covered my whole lid in Filter and then blended it into the corner with Marsh for a soft smudged out look. You can see again just who strong the pigment in this set it in this image. You can clearly see the blue-to-green blend, and how much it pops compared to the normal nudes and smokey colours you usually see in day to day life.

This second look was created using Mustard and Jam, and it is a true cat eye. It's for the days when you want to go full Lion of Lannister. I dusted Mustard all over my lid and used Jam in the crease and blended it up and outwards in the outer corner of my eye. I teamed this sleek look with a slick of matte black liquid eyeliner just to finish the cat eye effect and bring the whole look together. This is currently my favourite look.

I wore both of these looks with the liquid to matte Velvetines lipstick by Lime Crime, I'm wearing he shade Wicked which is a deep red. I love these lipsticks as well because they are soft, nourishing and moisturising but also bullet proof! 

What do you think of this palette? Would you rock these colours?
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